TURT'S UPDATE - Just Email The CEO – My Apple Repair Story.

This is my Apple repair story. I had quite a few troubles with my Macbook Air, and I was frustrated with the service that I got from my local Apple Store. After the repair was done, I tried contacting a few places to explain that I wasn’t happy with the service that I got. I called the store and talked to the manager and I send in an email to AppleCare detailing my frustrations. Nothing came from either of these, I figured I had tried and I should just let it go.

Then the other day I was reading a post on a blog that was talking about the new CEO Tim Cook responding to a customers email directly. I noticed that I still had the complaint that I had written up and I decided to give it a shot. I copy and pasted the complaint into an email, and sent it off to Tim Cook (included below). Later that same day I got a phone call from the Apple Store that had done the repairs on my Macbook Air, they wanted me to come in so that they could make things right. They wanted to upgrade my laptop to the current model as they suggested that they would.

I asked them what triggered the response, they simply said that an email came through on their internal systems. I still can’t believe that the email actually worked, but I would suggest that you do have a major issue let the CEO know and things might happen.

from *REMOVED*
to tcook@apple.com
date Thu, Sep 8, 2011 at 11:31 AM
subject My Repair Story

I originally had a screen issue with my Macbook Air, half of the screen was darker then the rest, so I made and appointment and got the technicians to take a look at it. The screen needed to be replaced, so I was told I would get a call when the part was in. This part all went smooth, the part came in and I dropped off the laptop. I tested the screen when I got the laptop back and all seemed good.

That is until I went to use the computer a few days later and realized that the Wifi Anntena was disconnected. So I made another appointment and brought the computer in on my Lunch hour. The technician took it to the back and was gone for around 20 min without letting me know what was happening, and then said that the cable for the Antenna wasn’t reconnected when the screen was replaced, so they would need to completely take it apart and confirm it got back together.

I said I needed to get back to work and I would return later, and was told that they would take their time but have it ready for me when I got back. This was fine and the Wifi was working well when I tested it.

That is until I used the computer at my desk with my Bluetooth mouse a few days later and found that the Bluetooth only worked within a couple feet of the computer. So back I go to the Genius bar. The technician again took the computer to the back and was gone for 20 min, when they came back they said the parts seem to be plugged in okay, but agreed there was a problem and they would upgrade me to the new model for my troubles.

This seemed great to me (obviously) and would be more then enough compensation for my troubles with this repair, however I needed to get back to work and I said can I come back tonight to get the new one. That was fine with them. However when I returned to the store my offer had been changed since they now had a replacement that was the same as my broken one, and they started the data copy when I got there. I then had to wait for 3 hours before my computer was ready.

I am frustrated with the fact that I was told I would be getting an upgrade for troubles only to have that promise revoked and then having to wait for hours to get my computer back, the technicians could have easily copied the data during the 4 hours I had gone back to work. I even asked if I could pay the difference for the upgrade since I was promised but that wasn’t allowed either.

I’m happy my computer seems to be working now and that I’m rid of the lemon, but I’m frustrated in how things have played out.

Chris Colyer

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I am launching a new design for Turt99 Productions. I hope you like it, let me know what you think. I wanted to refresh the site with a new clean and simple look. The site has had the same look for a long time and I think it was really far too busy looking. Hopefully this will help people get to the basic information they are looking for. I’m also hoping that the site update will hopefully help me stay focused on the development of the games.

Speaking of the games I would REALLY like to rewrite the games for iOS so that I could sell them in the App Store. The problem is that I know from experience that I likely won’t finish the project and I don’t have $1,000 to spend on getting a Mac computer and developers license, if the project isn’t going to be finished. The past shows that I get really into development and make tons for plans for how I want to proceed and then at some point life steps in the way for a week and everything stops for 6 months to a year.

So for now the plan is going to be to continue with the development and target Linux, Windows, and possibly Mac. I’m going to rework and clean up TURT’S PUZZLE BLOCKS and TURT’S MAZE CRAZE so that they are ready for release, and then I will likely offer some type of LITE/DEMO version along with an inexpensive PRO/PAY version.

The idea of the PRO/PAY version being that you get a little more then the LITE/DEMO version but you also support the development of future games, or ports to additional platforms like iOS. Don’t worry, the PRO/PAY version is not going to be expensive and it probably won’t even be required to enjoy the game. I don’t want to get into DRM or anything to stop pirating, I’m just hoping that I can build an audience for future projects while at the same time try and raise a little money to support development in terms of releasing on more platforms. Game Development is just a hobby, I’m not looking to turn this into a money making machine so that I can quit my day job.

For now, enjoy the new look and subscribe to the RSS or check back often to get the latest updates.

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